South East Family Meet-up

From Shereener

First of all a big thank you to everyone who came to the rainy day family meet up on 24/11. I think everyone had a great time. My older children were reluctant to come but had a fabulous time. So, I look forward to arranging the next one.

Special thank you to Steve who at the last minute found us an indoor venue.

November, South of England Gathering

It was on a very rainy Saturday towards the end of November when a hardy group of South of England-dwelling families met.  Late in the week we realised we needed a plan B and instead of a picnic in St James’ Park, were welcomed at a play centre in North London thanks to the last-minute manoeuvring of Steve and Miranda Mersereau.

The gathering was arranged by Shereener and Antony Browne who had come to Milan with their 3 children and become activated and passionate on the back of their reaction to that wonderful weekend.  Present were 10 adults and 11 kids including 1 tiny baby and 5 strewn happily across the Ch18 array, and we were reminded how great it is to meet other people who know that some of what happens behind their front doors is the same as some of what happens behind ours.  We all spent a lovely couple of hours hiding from the tempest outside and, fuelled by food and drinks, the 5 families chatted and played and bonded over coffee runs home made snacks.

For me it was very special because my eldest son and husband were there with me and our 18p-er Louis for the first time ever and we all had a great time.  It felt wonderful to see my unaffected boy bond with another unaffected sibling of his own age and while the focus was on Fifa on the iPhone, there was a sense of understanding that was obvious to see.  We vowed to rearrange the picnic for when the weather could be trusted and try to get a date in for alcohol and grown up chat in the meantime and writing this article now has reminded me to get at least one of those dates in the diary very soon.

This Chromosome 18 family of ours is gloriously varied and global but it’s so important to focus on the local wherever we can find it.  So if you want to find the families local to you, Bonnie and Jennie are there to help you locate them, so send them an email today because it will be worth it in ways both large and small.
Sara J

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