Milan Conference 2012

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Written by Bonnie McKerracher
Sunday, 05 August 2012 23:21
The conference is over: other people are better placed than I  am to say how successful it was. What I know for sure is that I spent time with good friends, ate wonderful meals, drank lovely wine – though never too much – and watched new friendships form as people found ways they were connected to each other, and learned that not only are they not alone in this journey, there are people who want to travel right at their side every step of the way.

That not only do they know their child is beautiful and special and extraordinary, but that there are lots of other people who know it too, and are willing to cheer them on (and cheer them up when necessary) and share ideas and suggestions for what’s worked for them when that next seemingly big challenge comes along. Our convenor says we are building a community, and that community just got bigger and stronger this weekend, as people from Norway, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, United States, Australia, France, Germany, Wales, England, Greece, Switzerland and Scotland came together to learn, laugh and play together. The bar has just been raised higher, and I’m excited to meet the challenge of creating the next conference, and of seeing these families and more get together agin in 2014.

And laughing, learning, playing, eating and sharing together all over again.


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