Wonderful awareness raising and fundraising – Thank you!

It was lovely to go to St Patrick’s Primary yesterday to be presented with a cheque for £1169!

So many smart pupils were sitting in front of me when I went in to the Assembly that I was glad I wore an equally smart frock ;-)


Pupils Erin McDonald and Ellie Morgan presenting the cheque to Bonnie McKerracher of Chromosome 18 Europe

I spoke about the charity, and about the all-important family conferences, but I have a feeling that these very bright pupils already knew it all.

There is a wonderful display in the hall all about their fundraising for Chromosome 18 Europe with lots of information about the charity – thank you, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Russell and all the staff!

I will have to print another certificate: apparently they expect to send us more money after dvd sales of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ are counted on Wednesday ;-)))

It would be fantastic to duplicate the work done by this inspirational school in other primary and secondary schools.
The children obviously had a great time preparing for the events. I was told that little Joe went to the performance of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ dressed as a pirate, and was enthralled.

Any ideas about how to share this wonderful programme ?

I calculated that this sum of money will cover the cost of one of the specially trained playworkers*  we will need to hire to help the children get the most from the creche at the conference, no matter how disabled they may be.

Many, many thanks for all the hard work that went in to raising this amazing amount.

As I said at the end of my address to the pupils

You have made a difference to the lives of many people by your hard work and kindness.

Bonnie McKerracher, Secretary

* based on recent estimates of the cost of hiring a mobile creche company for two days for the number of children we expect to attend with the staff/ child ratio we will need.


Editors Note:

St Patricks wonderful generosity was covered in the press:


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