Tom’s Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me.

We have raised £820.25 for the Chromosome 18 Registry Europe.


You are all amazing and I am happy that together we have done something special to help some very special people.

Thanks again from Tom xx.

Well done Tom !

Donations towards the research and administration of the Chromosome 18 Europe Registry and Research Society are always very welcome. These also help to fund conferences and other services we aim to provide.

Donations can be made by the following online methods and will be very gratefully received.

1) Virgin Giving
To pay by Debit/Credit Card, or Paypal

  1. go to
  2. to find us type in Chromosome 18 We should be at the top of the short list
  3. Click on Donation
  4. Go through the relevant steps telling us what the donation is for etc

2)My Donate
To pay by Debit/Credit Card

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Donate Now
  3. Search for Chromosome18
  4. Click on Donate now
  5. If you are not registered, click on Register then continue ( You do not have to Register if you don’t want to) & follow the steps to Donate

If you don’t mind please send an email to the treasurer when the donation has been made or if you have any problems.

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