Team Contacts

Contact Details for this Web site
# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Apostolis Ritsos Convenor
2 Bonnie McKerracher Secretary
3 Alistair MacLauchlan Treasurer
4 Tony Russell Technology
5 Michael McKerracher Website Editor
6 Derek Mortimer Committee Member and Forum Moderator
7 Mark Kirkham Committee Member
8 Sarah Russotti Kepplinger Committee Member
9 Marily Migkirou Member
10 Annalisa Stizioli Bodei President of Agemo 18 Italia Onlus since 1999.
11 Sara Jackson Committee Member
12 Judy Wilkinson Honorary member
13 Theresa and Robert Sax German Speaking Members


The forum is online and ready to use, though it’s still in development. Click HERE to go to the forum.