Sara’s Fundraiser

My Summer Party Bandaoke Fundraiser by Sara Jackson

It was while sitting at the first Ch18 European conference in Glasgow being told about the Ch18 Europe’s accounts, that I decided I had to do a fundraiser for our small but perfectly formed charity.

Working as I do in the media I thought it was time to call in a few favours. So I took the plunge and with the help of my boss, managed to smarm a sprauncy venue in the heart of London for nothing. The Century Club in place, I held my breath and sent emails out to everyone I’ve ever had an address for, from work, family, home, the lot, laying on the line the uniqueness of our little boy and the great need of our little but hugely necessary charity.

I then spent a long and slightly stressful time trying to find a band who would allow me and my friends to get up and sing some songs with them and really make this party a PARTY. The fantastic and talented Junkyards Scientists came to my rescue in the nick of time and made everything sparkle.

Some generous people donated amazing raffle and auction prizes and my brother did a great job squeezing money from the potential bidders in the room. I also set the entrance fee a little high knowing that I was going to be giving everyone a great night and trying to make the most of this event that I knew I wouldn’t be able to find time to organise for another few years. The money started to roll in on my BTMyDonate page (a great site that take no fee or commission, so I highly recommend choosing them for your fundraisers) and the guest list grew.

The night was a huge success with over 150 in attendance, all enjoying the discounted bar and free snacks as well as me and my friends singing away to them. I had the support of my family, everyone was so generous with their time and money and having the lovely Bonnie, Alistair and family and friends join us, just made the night.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off and looking back am still not quite sure how I did, but the end result was worth every bit of stress in the lead up to it because with gift aid we raised over £11000 that I know will help greatly our Conference in Milan next year.

So go on, challenge yourself and engage your friends and neighbours for our cause. Do a tea party, a karaoke night, a sponsored walk/knit/feed or fast because every penny counts and every pound is received with tears and gratitude. Oh and fun is guaranteed.

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