Chromosome 18 Christmas Party

On a very snowy 16 December, over 200 people turned out to support the Chromosome 18 Research and Registry Christmas Party. The event was organised by our very own Cheryl Donlan, who had devoted a large part of her (very limited) spare time to sourcing trees, decorations, crackers and goodies for the various raffles and auctions in the lead up to the main event, selling tickets and organising pretty much the whole thing!

Guests were greeted at the entrance by two pipers piping, braving the icy weather in their kilts, before entering into Urmston Masonic Hall. The Hall had been decorated with five large donated trees, fairy lights everywhere, and tables festooned with crackers from all over the world, candles, truffles, biscuits and cakes. A sprinkling of fake snow on the dance floor and scene was set for night to remember.The only casualty of the weather was the Compare for the evening, who had to abandon his journey from Gateshead. The DJ stepped forward and ably led the proceedings throughout the evening, including food and introducing the Neil Diamond tribute act. Two sets followed, the first with all of Neil’s hits through out the years, and then later with all the party firm favourites getting everybody onto the dance floor. A disco followed late into the night with raffles and silent auctions along the way.

It was a great evening for people to meet together, talk, dance and party the night away. Some people used the event as work’s Christmas party, some came to meet other people affected by, or associated with, Chromosome 18 disorders, and others came purely to support our fantastic charity and have a great night. And everyone did have a great night.

With over £2000 raised, the event was a success on every level. None of it would have happened without Cheryl and her family, so a huge debt of thanks is owed to them.

If you would like to support Cheryl’s fundraising efforts, her page can be found below:

On a personal note, I really apprecaited having the opportunity to meet Jean Bates and her son Matthew, and the parents of little Macy, and talk about all things Chr18 in an informal and social setting.  Just a shame it was over lemonade as I was on driving duty, but next time….

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