AGM 2011

Minutes of AGM November 2011
The 2011 AGM took place on 20th November 2011 by Conference Genie.

Minutes of the meeting are attached below.

The Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society (Europe)
Charity Number: SC040399

Minutes of AGM November 20, 2011. 20.00 GMT

Attendees: Apologies:
Annette Kaufhold Moore Francisco Requena
Rona Wilkinson Zoe Oxenbury
Sara Jackson
Beverly Serle
Jean Bates
Denise Parker
Ken McKerracher
Bonnie McKerracher
Alistair MacLauchlan
Chris Wilkinson
Kit Wilkinson
Tony and Janet Russell
Apostolis Ritsos
Cheryl Donlan
Michael McKerracher
Mark Kirkham
Helen Kirkham
Jan van Kreij
Judy Wilkinson
Derek Mortimer
Maggie Laws
Susan MacLauchlan

Started at 20.05

Secretary verified that more than one fifth of the membership were attached.

Convenor Report: attached

Secretary report: attached

Treasurer report: attached

Maggie Laws asked for a breakdown of the funds raised:

JeanBates reported £11,000+ raised through the Mount Snowdon Climb and charity evening; Sara Jackson raised over £11,000 including GiftAid:

Bonnie: Research funds will be handed over at conference as agreed at a meeting in Indianapolis with Denise Parker and Jannine Cody. The meeting approved this course of action acceptable

Election of Management committee:

Bonnie & Alistair:                 Chris proposed, Sara seconded

Tony Russell:                      Bonnie proposed, Chris seconded

Chris Wilkinson:                   Judy proposed, Tony seconded

Sara Jackson:                     Alistair proposed, Chris seconded

Denise Parker:                    Bonnie proposed, Alistair seconded

Apostolis Ritsos:                  Chris proposed, Denise seconded

Roberto Maestroni:              Apostolis proposed, Kit seconded

Sarah Rusotti Kepplinger:     Chris proposed, Denise seconded

Cheryl Donlan:                    Bonnie proposed, Jean seconded

Each person was voted in by those present on the call, giving the maximum of

10 members on the management committee. As there was a proposed change to the constitution on the agenda, to allow for a further 2 members to be elected to management committee, it was decided to allow further nominations , if appropriate after the decision on the proposed changes to the constitution.

Discussion on membership fee:

Presently £25 should we change it? The initial reaction was that most present felt that the present amount was suitable.

Bev said that a lot of charities are cutting out membership fees, on the basis that most families facing hardship would be put off making an application. Derek suggested that we scrap fees and suggested that members could be invited to Giftaid an equivalent amount.

Denise can see both sides, but stressed that we would still require an application form so that we can check that those signing up have a genuine interest in Chromosome 18 disorders and don’t have ulterior motives. Bev said that  Unique states on the web-site: ‘While there is no annual membership fee, any donations would be welcome’.

Alistair proposed that we abolish fee. Membership requests through the website could be followed up by forms in the post for signature. In this way, addresses of members are verified. Bev says that it is a labour intensive task, checking on addresses, but does mean that database is accurate.

Judy suggested that we look at list of Friends (Friends being supporters) and ask then for donations. Bev said that Unique does this: two databases are needed, and Friends are financial supporters of the organisation. Care must be taken in handling of donors, and a system set up to follow up donations.

Decision is to abolish membership fees, and that the management committee will iron out the details.

Denise proposed that we have a year of this and revisit in a year to see if this is of benefit to our members and the organisation, noting both advantages and disadvantages.

Changes to the constitution

Change maximum number of members of committee to up to 12 members

The increasing number of active members and the need for European representation  means 10 is a little tight. 12 would gives us more flexibility.

Need at least half for decision. Jean agreed.

Would be better if an odd number? Bev suggested

Chris: No casting vote so far… if it gets that tight much more discussion is needed and an additional meeting would be called. Forum should help with this, allowing discussion outwith conference calls.

Carried without opposition. So Rule 28 will now read:

The maximum number of members of the management committee shall be twelve.

 Maximum time a office bearer can serve :

Currently an office bearer has to step down after 3 years for at least a year. At this stage of development in the organisation needs to be 5 years instead. Adding the word ‘Normally’ means that we can ignore time limit at the discretion of management committee. Suggests that we can do this, but only for good reasons.

Chris feels yes to first no to second.

Denise likes idea of extending to 5 years; many families are interested in holding a committee position, but not an executive position. Allows people to be proposed.

Sara mentioned language barriers, and so agrees 5 years would be better

Jean agreed, people are just getting in to their stride after 3 years.

Derek suggested that because conference every 2 years, 5 is better.

Carried without opposition.

So Rule 36 will now read:

All of the office bearers shall cause to hold office at the conclusion of each annual meeting, but shall then be eligible for re-election. An office bearer who has held office for five sucessive years is not eligible for re-election until a further year has past.

Any other business:

Additional members of the management committee:

Derek Mortimer nominated by Chris, seconded by Alistair

Derek feels we need more European members on the committee

When asked if either of the members attending from mainland Europe would like to join the committee, both Annette and Jan felt that they couldn’t commit to join at this time. Jan said that having the conference in Italy was a step forward.

Mark Kirkham volunteered to go on committee.

Cheryl said that he will be a massive asset to the committee, already involved in raising funds, awareness and publicity.

Bonnie proposed, Tony seconded.

Denise: set a date to reconvene. Committee meeting Dec 4, 2011  20.00 GMT

Tony has set up committee forum on the website and urged everyone on the committee to sign up and join the discussion there. Committee meetings can be streamlined if we use this facility.

Meeting closed at 21.10

Cheryl: what is happening about the proposal to ask Dr Chris Steele to become our patron?

Bonnie will do an outline of press release to PR person for Dr Chris, then liase with Tony to decide the best time and method of announcing it on the website.

Cheryl would like to announce it at the charity evening on December 16, when Dr Chris will be there, and we can maximise the publicity for both.

Bonnie will get to work on it asap, and liaise with Cheryl and Tony.

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