London Triathlon entry for Chromosome 18 Europe

Anthony & Shereener Hudson:

I’m fundraising for Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society Europe.

Please help me make a difference by making a donation to my Virgin Money Giving page.

To find out more about what I’m doing and why, please visit where you can also sponsor me online.

Don’t forget to tick the box to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation if you’re a UK tax payer. Virgin Money Giving will pass this on in full to charity, making your donation go even further.

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Anthony and Shereener wrote on their Virgin Money Giving Page:

Yes Guys, another plea for your money!

Some of you may already know that Omari, our third child was diagnosed with a rare gentic abnormality known as chromosome 18 deletion syndrome.

Since his diagnosis two years ago, omari has made fantastic progress. He is now walking (still attending physio from time to time) and his speech is improving all the time. He frankly amazes us with his simple and determined approach to life and its hurdles.

This year I am doing the London Tri to raise funds for Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society Europe. The funding is vitally important to spread awareness about this rare condition and to help fund the bi-annual family conference to be held next year in Manchester. Both the Conference and the Registry provide a vital life line to families navigating their way through a diagnosis and dealing with a child with special needs.


Anthony & Shereener Hudson

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